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What is Test Strategy?


Table of Content

1.  Include product background in test strategy document. In first paragraph of your test strategy document answer – Why stakeholders want to develop this project? This will help to understand and prioritize things quickly.

2. List all important features you are going to test. If you think some features is not part of this release then mention those features under “Features not to be tested” label.

3. Write down the test approach for your project. Clearly mention what types of testing you are going to conduct?
I.e. Functional tests, UI testing, Integration testing, Load/Stress testing, Security testing etc.

4. Answer questions like: How you are going to perform functional testing? Manual or automation testing? Are you going to execute all test cases from your test management tool?

5. Which bug tracking tool you are going to use? What will be the process when you will find a new bug

6. What are your test entry and exit criteria?

7. How you will track your testing progress? What metrics are you going to use for tracking test completion?

8. Task distribution – Define roles and responsibilities of each team member.

9. What documents you will produce during and after testing phase?

10. What all risk you see in test completion?

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