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What is JAD?


Table of Content

Joint Application Development

It brings together business area people
(users) and IT (Information Technology)
professionals in a highly focused workshop.

A JAD session is

  • Very focused
  • Conducted in a dedicated environment
  • Quickly drive major requirements and interface “look & feel”

JAD Purpose

  • To define the project
  • Design a solution
  • Monitor the project until it reaches completion

JAD Scope

  • Cover the complete development life cycle of a system.
  • For large-scale projects, it is recommended that the project be approached incrementally, and that separate JAD’s be used for each increment.

Who is involved in a JAD?

  • Sponsor
  • Business Users
  • Real End Users
  • Systems Analysts
  • Development team

Roles of JAD Group Members

Record Keeper Responsibilities:

  • take accurate and thorough notes during the meeting
  • ask for clarification on points if anything is not clear
  • summarize and condense the notes after the session
  • ensure that the JAD leader and project sponsor or other relevant people
  • proof and edit the notes prior to publishing
  • publish the notes for all current members of the team and for any other interested parties
  • keep a history of the notes for the benefit of any members who join the team in mid-project
  • remind the group if they contradict earlier decisions and make sure they know they are in contradiction.

Timekeeper Responsibilities:

  • makes sure the meeting begins and ends on time
  • helps the meeting stay on time for each topic on the agenda
  • reminds the group that they need to end a discussion in order to have time in the final minutes of the meeting

Roles of JAD Group Members

Typical Client Responsibilities:

  • describe the sequence of events in a business process as it affects their office
  • describe the decisions that have to be made in a business process
  • define the information that the process has to deal with
  • define what is critical vs. what would be nice for the first version of the system
  • bring up any problems that exist in the current process or any opportunities for making it more efficient
  • research policy questions when a new business procedure is being proposed
  • analyze if there are any obstacles to success in the current environment of their office for implementing the new system
  • create test cases for testing
  • run test scripts on the cases
  • give the developers feedback on the usability and accuracy and effectiveness of the system in an organized, documented way
  • help prepare documentation on how the system works from a client’s point of view
  • help prepare and implement training for other clients

All Team Members have the following responsibilities

  • Commitment to the team
  • Regular attendance
  • Actively listen
  • Actively participate
  • Identify concerns
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Recommend solutions
  • Agree upon a design by consensus
  • Assist with project duties

Why do we need to know about JAD?

  • Ask the client what they want.
  • Client signs off/verification on specifications
  • Build and deliver the system according to the specifications.
  • The clients says they want something different.
  • Discover the true underlying problem.
  • Don’t assume that one person ever knows everything about a problem

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