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Laravel Developer Cost: How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Dedicated Developer?


There are numerous PHP frameworks out there for building robust web applications including Yii, Codeigniter, Symfony and others.

However, Laravel is considered to be the best MVC-based PHP framework among developers and businesses for web development projects.  

After all, Laravel framework entails everything needed to make the entire complex web development process easier, faster and better.  

Before we explain how much does it cost to hire laravel Developers, let’s have a look at what Laravel is and its rising popularity among developer and companies worldwide.  

What is Laravel? 

laravel frameworkLaravel is a free and open-source web development framework developed by Taylor Otwell. It is built using PHP and based on Symfony. 

As it comes with pre-packaged tools and resources, it facilitates some of the common tasks such as authentication, caching, routing, sessions and others. This, in turn, empower developers to focus more on developing business-related features.  

The Rising Popularity of Laravel Framework  

Popularity of Laravel Framework

  • > According to Google Trends, Laravel is one of the only PHP frameworks whose interest over time has been above all other frameworks.  
  • > Laravel holds 0.37% of the market share amongst all the web frameworks out there. 
  • > There are around 678, 633 active websites developed using Laravel framework.  
  • > As of now, Laravel has 63.3 GitHub stars and it is higher among all the other PHP frameworks.  

In fact, there are popular websites built using Laravel framework such as Barchart (a financial portal with 3.7 million users), Allison (an eLearning platform with 20+ million users) and Invoice Ninja (an invoicing platform trusted by 170, 000+ businesses).  

It goes without saying that the Laravel framework wins the top position when it comes to the list of the best PHP frameworks in the market.  

What Makes Laravel Framework Popular?  

Laravel web development framework comes with robust features that make it quite popular among all other PHP frameworks out there. 

Here are 5 features why developers and companies choose the Laravel framework for web development projects.  

1. Open Source & Community Support 

Many PHP frameworks out there have a price tag but Laravel is an open-sourced framework. What’s more, it has extensive community support and is developer-friendly.  

2. Blade Template Engine 

Thanks to Blade Template Engine, it doesn’t restrict developers from using plain PHP code for the web application. Therefore, developers can tailor everything as per the requirement of the project – adding great flexibility to the development process.  

3. MVC Architecture 

Laravel is an MVC-based PHP framework that ensures clarity between business logic and presentation layers. MVC improves the overall performance and enhanced security.  

4. Object-Oriented Libraries 

Laravel framework comes with lots of in-built object-oriented libraries that entail a handful of features for developers to make the whole development process seamless.  

5. Eloquent ORM

Eloquent ORM provides developers with a straightforward ActiveRecord implementation that helps to make communication with databases hassle-free.

It enables developers to write database queries with PHP syntax and eliminate the requirement to know SQL for modifying databases.  

As Laravel is an open-source framework, it’s free to use in any web development project. However, you need to bear the cost of hiring a Laravel developer. But let us first walk you through what are the options for you to hire a Laravel developer.  

How to Hire Laravel Developers?  

When it comes to hiring a Laravel developer, there are two ways in which you can recruit Laravel developers. Each has its own pros and cons.

So, let’s find out the ideal option to find and hire a Laravel developer in 2021.  

1. Dedicated Developers from an Outsourcing Company  

Dedicated developers work on a particular project from development to support with speed and quality. If it’s about building a complex project that demands an experienced Laravel developer, hiring a dedicated remote Laravel developer is a viable choice.  

Today, almost every software development company provides remote developers with different engagement models to meet your budget and project requirements.  


  • > No training is required for dedicated developers  
  • > Different engagement models to choose from to hire a dedicated developer 
  • > Higher work efficiency – fast-tracking time-to-market for your project 
  • > Cost-effective solution than hiring a freelancer 
  • > Ideal for large and complex projects  


  • > Not ideal for short-term projects 

2. Freelance Developers  

If it’s a simple web development project using Laravel framework, you can hire a freelance Laravel developer. You can easily find freelance Laravel developers from websites such as Upwork and Fiverr for your next project.  


  • > Ideal for short-term projects  
  • > No hassle in finding freelance developers 


  • > Lack enterprise-grade expertise 
  • > Changes of missing deadlines and bad quality of work 
  • > They charge extra for maintenance and support 

After assessing the pros and cons of hiring a dedicated developer vs. hiring a freelancer developer, it is apparent that the former option is the ideal option especially if you’re a fast-growing company that strives to accelerate innovation and time to market.  

What is the Average Cost to Hire a Laravel Developer in 2021? 

The average cost to hire a Laravel developer from an outsourcing company starts from $20 per hour. However, rates can vary greatly from region to region and company to company.

Therefore, if you decide to hire from countries such as India where hourly rates are low as compared to other regions, you can save development costs to a great extent.  

Here’s a quick overview of Global Outsourcing hourly rates by region: 

Location                    Developer Rates  
North America  $29-$100 
South America  $20-$50 
Europe  $21-$66 
Asia $18-$40 
Africa  $20-$50 
Australia  $25-$100 


Factors that Influence the Cost to Hire a Laravel Developer 

Hire Remote EmployeesHere are 4 key factors that affect the cost to hire a Laravel developer from an outsourcing company.  

1. Hiring Engagement Models

If you do decide to hire a dedicated Laravel developer from a software development company, then you’ll come across different engagement models to choose from. You can choose the one that perfectly suits your project requirements and budget.  

Have a look at popular engagement models and what each has to offer you.

  • > Time & Material Model: Ideal for complex projects and changes required during the project execution. The project cost depends on the project efforts measured in terms of resources and time invested. 
  • > Project-Based Model: Ideal for the projects with specifications and scope are quite clear. Typically, fixed charges are dedicated towards the entire development and delivery of the project in this model.  
  • > Dedicated Development Team: You’ll get a complete team for your project and resources are deployed according to your project requirements. It’s considered a highly cost-effective solution if you need continuous support. 

2. Scope of the Project 

Another factor that affects the cost to hire a Laravel developer is the complexity of the project in terms of design, functionality and features.

If your Laravel web development project is complex and demanding that requires an advanced level of expertise, be ready to pay extra.  

3. Development Location 

As mentioned above also, the cost to hire laravel Developers varies from one region to another. Every region has different rates because the salary of the developer varies by region.  

And it is no secret that hiring dedicated developers from developing countries like India is cost-effective. The reason being the cost of living in India is low and developer’s rates are reasonable as compared to developed countries.  

4. Experience and Expertise of the Developer

If your project demands an experienced Laravel developer rather than beginner-level developers, be ready to have more budget to meet your project requirements.

Hiring experienced developers costs more because of the advanced level of expertise and in-depth knowledge they possess in numerous frameworks and technologies for Laravel web development.  

Hire a Dedicated Remote Laravel Developer in Just No Time  

At InfoStride, we provide a dedicated remote team of developers on an hourly, monthly and project basis for companies across different business verticals.  

Our developers are pre-screened and well trained to deliver the projects within the defined timeframe while maintaining quality.

We have remote-ready solutions so that your remote developer or team can work on your projects securely from anywhere and you face no headaches down the road.  

Hiring a remote talent at InfoStride is a cost-effective solution for every phase of your project. Share your requirements with us and we will deploy resources that align with your business goals.   


Laravel is a featured-packed framework that simplifies the process of customizing even complex projects according to the requirements. With the vast community of Laravel out there, finding and hiring a Laravel developer is an easy feat.  

Though there are numerous factors that affect the cost to hire laravel Developers, location greatly influences the overall budget of your web development project.  

What factors do you think to play a key role in determining the cost to hire laravel Developers in 2021? Let us know using the comment section below. 


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