Our Service Offerings

We offer a full spectrum of Lab-as-a-Service solutions ranging from ideation and prototyping to testing to businesses across different industries. We work in close collaboration with our clients to turn their strategic business goals into actionable roadmap in less time and with minimum risk.


Backed by a team of strategists, designers, developers & QA, we polish your raw concepts and ideas into an innovative product that will help your business outpace the competition.

MVP - Minimum Viable Product

Our Lab-as-a-Service team validates and gives life to your idea with rapid prototyping and MVP with an ultimate goal to develop the right thing that addresses the primary problem and drives traction.

PLM - Product Life Cycle Management

Adhering to Agile and DevOps methodologies, we cover the entire lifecycle of a product from its design and implementation to deployment, testing and maintenance.

Product Reengineering

InfoStride’s product reengineering services focused on enhancing your digital product performance by populating it with next-generation functionalities, features and technologies.

Why Choose Us

At InfoStride, we incorporate innovation into each of our Lab-as-a-Service offerings to help our clients stay ahead of the competition as a market leader in their niche.

Cross-Functional Team

Our Lab-as-a-Service team includes UX experts, software engineers and product owners to ensure your product gets benefitted from diverse perspectives of subject matter experts.

Fail-Fast Development

Our fail-fast approach ensures bugs are earlier to spot and faster to fix, reducing system failures to a great extent. Ultimately, we promise an end product that adds sustainable value to your business.

End-to-End Support

From R&D, experimentation and product prototyping, we provide end-to-end support through our pre-trained, readily deployable teams to turn your vision into a reality with negligible overheads.

Revenue-Oriented Approach

We work closely with your revenue drivers, including business, marketing and sales leaders, to develop new product features that will amplify your current revenue streams or generate new ones.

Our Process

Our Lab-as-a-Service team deploys a comprehensive approach to integrating innovation into your business. We accomplish that by discovering, analyzing and evaluating next-gen technologies and industry trends to help you stand out from your competition.


We Use Smart Technologies

At InfoStride, our Lab-as-a-Service team has a deep understanding and hands-on expertise in using complex and emerging technologies such as Machine Learning, CI/CD, IoT, Blockchain and more to engineer new product ideas.

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