Digital Disruption

Digital Disruption is affecting most sectors of the economy and many facets of our lives. In this age of Digital Disruption, multiple technology transitions (mobile, cloud, social, big data) are converging. ‘Disruption’ begins with challenging the assumptions that have underpinned past success and stress-testing the ways in which you deliver value to the customers. Here are the 3 main considerations:

What value to create?
• To what extent does your organization currently create cost value,
experience value, and platform value for its customers?
• To what extent will your organization need to create new forms of cost value, experience value, and platform value for its customers to capture new market opportunities and respond to threats (i.e.,
the company’s desired competitive position)?
• What must be changed to bridge the gap between current and new forms of value?

Digital Business Transformation in a nutshell can be defined as organizational change through the use of digital technologies and business models to improve performance. Infostride Digital team can help you create a framework for digital transformation in your organization, build a digital strategy or implement the corporate-wide transformation.

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