In today’s globalized business environment, having a global contingent workforce as part of a workforce is becoming the norm. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the need for flexibility and rapid fulfilment responsiveness has become more critical than ever. To deal with this transition in workforce structure, InfoStride can devise a managed service program uniquely customized to meet your contingent workforce needs while ensuring significant cost-savings, meeting compliance and reducing the risk of legal liabilities to your business. We have established a global database of industry-specific professionals and our dedicated team proactively maintains the pipeline of high-quality candidates. This enables us to quickly respond to the most urgent requirements of our clients, always on time. InfoStride works closely with the top executive team of your organization to learn about your business goals and deliver continued support throughout candidate screening, onboarding, background checks and fully compliant payroll to ensure all of your contingent workforce needs are met.

Why Choose Us

No matter what hiring challenges your organization is facing, InfoStride has the expertise and experience to offer a customized workforce solution to meet your needs.

Scale Up, Down & Sideways

InfoStride talent management team can help your organization from scaling staffing upward to meet demand or accommodate a higher rate of absenteeism than ever before, to bringing in project-related help, to changing your entire business model in response to an opportunity.

Diversify New-Hire Skill Sets

We can help bring in a global workforce with different skills than usual to help you sample a broader range of employee expertise. Contingent workers can help address your staffing challenges while offering the chance to commit to full-time employment when the opportunity arises.

High-Volume Staffing

Sourcing contingent talent, screening candidates and conducting interviews are all highly disruptive for your operations. InfoStride specializes in meeting high-volume staffing recruitment requests. Whether you need two or two hundred candidates, we’ve got you covered.

Reporting & Analytics

We don’t just give you insights on your staffing data but we work hand in hand with you to spot trends in your data and help you make strategic, more informed decisions based on these insights to help you mitigate risk, reduce costs and improve the overall contingent workforce quality.

Our Process

As part of our commitment to delivering staffing excellence, we work hand in hand with your existing talent acquisition team to understand the staffing needs of your organization to deliver you the qualified professionals who propel your business forward.


We Use Smart Technologies

At InfoStride, we blend the human touch with technology to meet your unique staffing needs. We use an industry-leading VMS for automated screening along with manual screening by subject matter experts to ensure you are delivered with talent who best fits your precise requirements.


Whether you need to find top talent or a consulting solution for managing your workforce or resourcing challenges, we can help.