Business Analyst

What is a BA?

Major roles of Business Analyst (BA)

  • BA acts as liaison (communication source) between the business team (have a
    business problem) and the technical team (knows how to create automated
  • BA responsible to gather, detail and document requirements in a format that is useful to team and the technical developers.

Roles and Responsibilities (BA)

  • Define the Project and Identify its Scope
  • Gather Requirements
  • Document Requirements
  • Communicate the Requirements
  • Identify the Solution
  • Verify that the proposed solution meets the requirements

Essential Skills and Techniques of BA

  • Lead project team to have consensus (opinion) on project scope.
  • Gather requirements that are critical to project scope.
  • Interview, surveys, meetings, etc (better communication with peers)
  • Project Management (documenting, categorizing, and packaging the requirements gathered)
  • Identify and detail documentation of required components such as (data, process, externals, rules)
  • Testing principles for requirements
  • Conduct requirement review (JAD session, formal/informal presentation, meetings)

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