Tipple.m – Bar & Pub Finder App (CASE STUDY) 

Tipple M is the bar and pub finder app that acts as your night out guide when you are looking to find the best pubs or bars. The app operates worldwide and allows you to find and discover bars in a specific location.


The development team built the application and implemented the client’s requirements using the following technologies and tools.

  • ⦁ Native Android (Kotlin)
  • ⦁ Firebase



INDUSTRY: Hospitality

TARGET AUDIENCE: Wide audience (available worldwide)

The Tipple M app is designed to help users find the best bars and pubs in a specific location. With this app, users get an opportunity to filter by price to find the nearest bars that suit their budget. Users can also define themselves as the Savvy (low-end), the Explorer(mid-tier) or Deluxe (High-end individual) to find bars that suit their style as well.


To develop the Tipple M application for the Android platform, InfoStride deployed five seasoned tech professionals:

  • ⦁ 1 Technical Lead
  • ⦁ 1 Kotlin App Developer
  • ⦁ 1 Designer
  • ⦁ 1 Firebase Developer
  • ⦁ 1 Quality Engineer


Some of the major project challenges we faced during the project were:

  • ⦁ Create a scalable and intuitive platform that offers a seamless experience to the users
  • ⦁ Develop an app that provides a smart yet simple search system to find and discover the best nearby pubs and bars to save both time and money
  • ⦁ The clients wanted to engineer an application using Firebase as the back-end system considering performance issues with other Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) platforms.
  • ⦁ Another major challenge was to handle complex queries on Cloud Functions because this requires adding/logging events on Firebase queries.


We proposed and implemented the following solutions to address the key project challenges and meet the client’s requirements.

  • ⦁ Engineered complete app using Firestore to leverage its outstanding data handling capabilities
  • ⦁ Setup Firebase geofencing API to handle live tracking of user location and update the user for nearby PUBs offers
  • ⦁ Written Cloud Functions to handle complex queries and add Firebase security rules to avoid external threats to data
  • ⦁ Search functionality was made intuitive so that it can return accurate results
  • ⦁ Ensured quality coding and rigorous testing before the final delivery
  • ⦁ Built a sophisticated filtering system to help the users find bars that suit their budget and style


We followed the agile software development approach to ensure quality at each development phase and help the client accelerate time to market.

  • ⦁ Requirement Gathering

We commenced the process by carefully determining and analyzing the requirements of the project. The purpose was to choose the perfectly matched resources from our talent pool for the project.

  • ⦁  Development & Implementation 

After gathering all the requirements to move ahead, our development team started the actual work i.e., turning the project idea into a fully functional app.

  • ⦁ Sprint-Based Project Delivery

By working in sprints, our developers divided the project into smaller and more achievable tasks to ensure the timely delivery of the project with unmatched quality. The work completed during each sprint was reviewed by all the key project stakeholders and their feedback was taken.

  • ⦁ Deployment

When the project was ready and tested, it was deployed on the server.


Have a look below at the following main features of the app that make it stand out:

  • ⦁ User Registration & Login
  • ⦁ Profile Management
  • ⦁ Search & Filters
  • ⦁ Personalized Offers & Notifications
  • ⦁ Offer Redeem
  • ⦁ Chatting
  • ⦁ Live or Active Pub & Bar Listing
  • ⦁ View History & Recently Viewed Bars


tipple m

The client received a scalable solution that met all its technical requirements. The app is one of the best applications that can find the best nearby pubs and bars.

The development team executed and delivered the Android mobile application within the set time frame. The team helped the client make a user-friendly application and added custom functionalities to deliver a better user experience.

Today, the Tipple M app crossed 10K+ downloads on Google Play Store.

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