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Top 15 Apps Built with React Native  


The global mobile app revenue was worth more than 365 billion USD in 2018. In 2019, that number is anticipated to reach over 935 billion USD. What it means is that it’s high time for you as a business or product owner to leverage the mobile market to your advantage.

When it comes to reducing app development costs, you have two options at your disposal.

You can either choose to target only one mobile platform or use cross-platform app development frameworks like React Native. As no business owner wants to miss an opportunity to reach both Android and iOS users, many go with the latter option.

React Native is one of the popular cross-platform app development frameworks admired by world-known giants.

Whether you’re just seeking inspiration or want to ensure React Native is the ideal choice for your next app development project, here we’ve curated a list of the top 15 apps built with React Native.

But before getting to that, let’s first have a look at a quick overview of React Native.

What is React Native?

React NativeReact Native is a famous JavaScript-based cross-platform mobile app development framework developed by Facebook in 2015.

As React Native is used to develop natively-rendered mobile applications for Android and iOS, it’s no wonder why this framework is continuously growing at a fast pace. With this framework, you just need to create code once and use it to build both Android and iOS apps – resulting in significant resource and time savings.

Have a look at some interesting stats related to React Native before proceeding further:

  • As per Statista, React Native is the second most popular cross-platform mobile app development framework followed by Flutter.
  • As of now, React Native has 98.4k stars on GitHub and is used by more than 753k users – indicating a strong community around the technology.

Today, React Native powers some of the world’s most famous apps and it includes a few apps that most of us use on a regular basis such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and others. Read on to learn more about these top apps built with React Native.

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Top 15 Apps Built with React Native 

There are lots of apps built using React Native out there. But we will walk you through 15 of the famous apps made with React Native for Android and iOS platforms.

1. Facebook

facebookCategory: Social Networking App

Facebook created React Native and have developed their primary app using it. In fact, React Native was first introduced by Facebook as an open-source project in 2015. Within a few years, it turned out to be one of the preferred technologies for mobile app development.

The primary goal of the company is to leverage all the benefits of web development i.e., fast iterations and deploying the one team to develop the entire product.

That’s how React Native was introduced in mobile app development for both iOS and Android platforms.

2. Facebook Ads Manager

facebook-ads-managerCategory: Business App

The first fully React Native and cross-platform app developed by Facebook is Facebook Ads Manager, which is a popular platform for businesses and individuals alike to create and manage ads for their products.

Facebook deployed the single dev team to build Facebook Ads Manager in Android and iOS.

Most importantly, React Native seemed ideally fit to handle lots of complex business logic required to handle differences in time zones, ad formats, date formats and more.

Facebook Ads Manager also boasts an intuitive UX, clean interface and simple navigation – resulting in an outstanding user experience.

3. Bloomberg

bloombergCategory: News App

Bloomberg is a platform for global business and finance news.

Before React Native, the company’s dev teams had to invest a considerable amount of time in building the versions of Android and iOS apps – resulting in delays. React Native helped engineers at Bloomberg to make the whole development process easier and quicker.

With React Native, the company was able to redevelop the company’s new consumer mobile app for both iOS and Android in a hassle-free manner.

“React Native is the best out there,” says Gabriel Lew, a senior software engineer at Bloomberg who led the development team’s effort. “Expect it to appear in other Bloomberg mobile apps in the future.” (Source)

4. Instagram

InstagramCategory: Social Networking App

Instagram is another social networking app that needs no introduction and one of the popular apps built with React Native.

In 2016, Instagram decided to switch to React Native. They commenced from the simplest view i.e., Push Notifications view that was essentially implemented as the WebView. There wasn’t a requirement to develop a navigation infrastructure thanks to the simple UI of the app.

React Native enabled product teams to ship features to both Android and iOS apps quite faster and enhance developer velocity by 85-99%.

5. Discord

discordCategory: Communication App

Discord is one of the popular video, voice and text communication apps that more than a hundred million people use to hang out and communicate with their dear ones and communities.

Their Android and iOS apps share 98% of the code – thanks to React Native.

“We tried React Native the day it was released for Android. We were surprised by how easily and quickly we were able to make our comprehensive iOS app run on Android — took only two days and it built!” – engineers at Discord say. (Source)

6. Pinterest

pinterestCategory: Lifestyle App

Another popular example of an app built with React Native is Pinterest – a place where you can seek inspiration and discover ideas for every aspect of your life. From home décor to health tips and business ideas, Pinterest can give you amazing ideas on a wide range of topics.

Pinterest’s decided to use React Native to share code between iOS and Android apps.

With React Native, the implementation on iOS took around 10 days. The company was able to do the same for Android in just 2 days with 100% shared UI code between the platforms. As a result, it helped the company was able to save more than a week of usual implementation time.

7. Walmart

walmartCategory: Online Shopping App

Walmart is one of the most famous retailers around the globe. Walmart’s Android and iOS apps are built with React Native.

The benefits that the company witnessed after using React Native for their primary applications were faster time-to-market, 95% of the code sharing between Android and iOS, native-like performance and deployment of only one team of JavaScript developers.

“From startups to Fortune 500 companies, if you’re considering taking on a new mobile project, consider using React Native — we know you won’t regret it.” – Walmart’s perspective (Source)


deliveryCategory: On-Demand Delivery App

Headquartered in New York and with a solid presence throughout the USA, empowers customers to order online from their favored local restaurants, wine & spirits shops, grocery stores, dry-cleaning and laundry providers.

The company’s dev team implemented React Native into their existing iOS application. You can learn more about how the company achieved that.

9. Wix

wixCategory: Website Builder

Wix is a platform that helps people build websites without any coding knowledge.

The company provides mobile apps built with React Native. They even provide the React Native crash course i.e., an independent learning program designed to help developers learn the fundamentals before they commence writing code in React Native.

You can learn more about the course here.

10. Salesforce

salesforceCategory: Business App

Salesforce is one of the popular customer relationship management (CRM) platforms that businesses around the globe use for sales, marketing, eCommerce, service and more.

Salesforce’s mobile app is powered by React Native. The mobile app empowers you to run your business from your smartphone – faster and easier. All in all, the app is designed to enhance your overall productivity.

11. Gyroscope

gyroscopeCategory: Health & Fitness App

Your personal health coach – Gyroscope can track everything about yourself – from your places to your mood.

The app even provides actionable insights for weight loss and more. After all, this React Native app’s primary aim is to help people achieve their fitness goals or become more productive by using their insightful data.

Using React Native, the entire data is shown in two simple views i.e., Simple & Cards mode. All monitored data is garnered in daily/weekly/monthly statements.

12. Skype

skypeCategory: Communication App

While Skype has witnessed a decline in its popularity, it is still used by millions of users around the globe and is one of the great examples of an app built with React Native.

In 2017, Skype announced it was developing an entirely new application using React Native. The new application was completely redesigned. Microsoft, a leading corporation that owns Skype decided to implement React Native technology not only in the mobile application but in the desktop version as well.

13. Uber Eats

ubereatsCategory: On-Demand Food Delivery App

Uber Eats is one of the famous apps built with React Native. It is different from the standard Uber application. Uber Eats involves three key parties i.e., restaurants, eaters and delivery partners. Such a business model demanded an additional dedicated dashboard for restaurants.

The original one was designed for the web and it resulted in restricted access to the native device functionalities. The company’s dev team decided to redevelop the whole dashboard using React Native.

“While React Native still only constitutes a small portion of the UberEATS engineering ecosystem, our experience using it to rebuild Restaurant Dashboard has been very positive. Since its implementation last year, the revamped Restaurant Dashboard has become a standard tool for nearly every restaurant on UberEATS.” – Chris Lewis, a software engineer on the Uber Eats Prediction team. (Source)

14. Shopify

skypeCategory: Business App (eCommerce Platform)

One of the leading eCommerce platforms out there, Shopify powers some of the world’s famous brands such as Taylor Swift, Kylie Cosmetics and Allbirds – to name a few.

Shopify commenced to experiment with React Native technology with three separate teams deployed for three apps: Compass, Arrive and Point of Sale. From the experiment, they learned certain great things about this framework.

The code shareability between iOS and Android was higher than they expected – they anticipated 80% while the outcomes were 99% (Compass) and 95% (Arrive).

15. Tesla

teslaCategory: Lifestyle App

Tesla is a popular manufacturer of electric cars that need no introduction. The company leveraged React Native to build its mobile application for both platforms – Android and iOS.

The app’s key features are checking charging time, checking car cooling/heating, locking or unlocking, diagnosing, locate your vehicle or track its movement and others. Thanks to React Native features, the company was able to achieve a native-like appearance for its both Android and iOS apps.

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As you can clearly see React Native is a technology used by businesses across different industries for their mobile apps. It empowers to eradicate the need to deploy two separate development teams – resulting in a cost-efficient and faster development process.

Do you know any other awesome apps built with React Native apart from our list? Let us know in the comments below.

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