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  • Ritu Mangla August 14, 2021
  • Business

According to Forbes, research shows that more than 3 million U.S. women are currently hoping to return to work after a career hiatus. The numbers are even worse during the pandemic-induced recession.

If we want to reach parity, it’s time to focus on creating new opportunities for those who lack them in the first place. As the Inclusion Solution puts it, while “Diversity asks, ‘Who’s in the room?’ Equity responds: ‘Who is trying to get in the room but can’t? ’”

Nicole, a mom of two kids, joined the workforce after nine years. When asked about her experiences returning, she stated, “Suddenly I felt like I hit a wall and couldn’t perform at work the way I wanted to, because everything had changed; technology, processes, culture…and I couldn’t fit myself into it.”

There’s this diverse talent that is just waiting to get back to work, and it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to address the unfilled GAP, be it compensation negotiation, understanding corporate culture, performing on the job, or how to handle the resume or interview process to start with.

We partner with companies and candidates to enhance skills & confidence by creating and/or implementing custom returnship programs to increase the interview-to-hiring and employee retention percentage.

We have a team of Subject Matter Experts, Certified Technical Staff Members, and a Team of Coaches to work with you to understand the candidate and corporate challenges including but not limited to:

1) Company’s D&I program & hiring needs.

2)   Explore your returnship programs (if you already have them) or whether you’d be willing to create one with us.

3)  Process and the timeline for employment (temporary or full-time)

4) Criteria & the right mapping for the job.

Our goal is to increase diverse returnship hiring in the organizations. We want to serve as a bridge between the organization and ‘the candidate’ to minimize the ramp-up time. Please contact us at to discuss further.

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