With innumerable options at their fingertips, consumers have become more tech-savvy and expect from retailers to understand and meet their rapidly evolving shopping habits. The current scenario calls for retailers to innovate, meet high expectations and deliver an exceptional customer experience across all touchpoints. Leveraging the very same digital technologies that are being used by modern retail customers, we help retailers turn challenges into business opportunities for growth.

Our Capabilities

Through our consulting capabilities and deep domain industry knowledge, we help retailers expedite their digital transformation journey to meet the high demands of their customers. Whether it is developing a custom retail software solution, modernizing an existing retail platform or integrating disparate solutions, we are always ready for any challenge. We leverage our expertise in the latest technologies such as AI, IoT, Big Data and Business Intelligence to help you provide a 360° view of your customer journey and make decisions that lead to lower costs and better conversions. All in all, our expert adopts a data-driven approach to engineering custom retail solutions that deliver personalized and seamless customer experience across numerous channels, including web, mobile or in-store.

Big Data & Analytics
  • Customer Journey Visualization
  • Cost Analysis & Financial Management
  • Stock Movement
  • Demand Forecasting
Full-Range Integration
  • Supply Chain Management Systems
  • ERPs
  • eCommerce Modules
  • Legacy Systems
Omnichannel Retail
  • eCommerce
  • Mobility Solutions
  • POS Solutions
  • CRM
Compliance & Data Security
  • Secure Social Platforms Integration
  • Stringent Data Security Regulations
  • Compliance with Healthcare Standards

Our Service Offerings

We leverage our deep industry expertise and global delivery model to ensure excellence in our every retail service offering. Our experts lend their hands-on expertise in using modern technologies to help you deliver a personalized shopping experience that drives engagement, boost sales and make customers coming back to your business.

UX & UI Design

Our UX & UI design services to retailers are focused on curating customer-driven experiences to turn even a random website visitor into a lasting customer for your business.

Quality Engineering

Our end-to-end quality engineering services combined with proven testing methodologies for individual and large chain retailers ensure top-notch quality across their mobile, web and cloud apps.


We work closely with you to understand your unique retail staffing needs to help you build the right workforce and free up your valuable time to focus on improving customer experiences.

Explore Solutions

Your industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Don’t fall behind. See how we are helping retail companies transform with our innovative solutions.

Mobility Solutions

Whether is it developing mobile solutions for customers, shop assistants or back-office staff, we can help you deliver engaging mobile commerce experiences supported by secure gateways and cloud computing.

Custom eCommerce Solutions

We engineer custom online storefronts, web-based POS systems, shopping carts, B2B and B2C marketplaces, equipped with fast and secure payment gateways and AI-based chatbots.

Retail CRM Solutions

Our retail CRM solutions are designed to help you effortlessly manage massive contact databases, monitor customer interactions, automate repetitive processes and manage leads.

Point of Sale Solutions

We can help you implement POS solutions that enable fast payment processing for checks, bank cards and mobile payments to enhance the overall efficiency of your business.

We Use Smart Technologies

InfoStride has hands-on expertise in using the latest technologies such as IoT, AI and Blockchain. We help businesses across the retail ecosystem determine the right technology solutions that properly address their business challenges and drive the best outcomes.

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Let’s talk about how digital can work for your business. We can work together to solve it.