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When the COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses around the world to move online, many mom-and-pop shops picked Shopify as their preferred platform to launch their online stores. In fact, new stores launched on Shopify’s platform surged 62% in the times of lockdown. No doubt, Shopify is considered one of the most preferred eCommerce platforms to launch an online store in a hassle-free manner. But to drive maximum ROI, it’s important […]

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Considering the benefits hybrid app development provides over native app development in terms of budget saving, it is easy to understand why businesses go with hybrid apps to build their mobile presence and expand user base. But the real struggle begins when it comes to choosing the ideal cross-platform framework to build hybrid apps. And […]

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To expand into new markets and build a diversified workforce, many companies are hiring remote employees. In fact, 16% of companies around the world are fully remote and the number is expended to rise.   Hiring remote employers overseas, however, is not without its challenges with compliance with local labor laws and payroll being major ones. To hire employees overseas […]

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There are numerous PHP frameworks out there for building robust web applications including Yii, Codeigniter, Symfony and others. However, Laravel is considered to be the best MVC-based PHP framework among developers and businesses for web development projects.   After all, Laravel framework entails everything needed to make the entire complex web development process easier, faster and better.   Table of Contents   > What is […]

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Today, many companies give preference to skills over a geographical location to build a thriving and diverse workforce. But hiring employees overseas brings many challenges as employers have to comply with target country-specific employment laws, mitigating legal risks, ensuring seamless onboarding and among others.   So, how do businesses across industries navigate all these barriers to international […]

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When HR responsibilities start accumulating and related costs escalating, businesses owners turn to professional employer organizations (PEOs) to get back things on track.   Nearly 200,000 businesses across different verticals in the United States work with a PEO. Most of them are small to midsized companies who want to channelize their focus on business development through strategic […]

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InfoStride team built up an online car renting marketplace for a startup client, connecting car owners and renters. We developed a mobile & web platform with advanced search functions, instant booking, payment solutions, map tracking & advanced analytics. After a successful MVP launch, the team is currently working with the client on the second phase of […]

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According to Forbes, research shows that more than 3 million U.S. women are currently hoping to return to work after a career hiatus. The numbers are even worse during the pandemic-induced recession. If we want to reach parity, it’s time to focus on creating new opportunities for those who lack them in the first place. […]

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InfoStride helped an EdTech company took off with a secure and user-friendly portal to serve millions of students across the globe. The company had a mission of helping students enhance their international study experience and approached Infostride with their initial business ideas. Today, it connected more than 2 million students from over 50 universities worldwide. […]

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Across industries, the COVID-19 pandemic and technological advancements pushed companies to embrace remote working as a crucial part of their core business strategy. After all, in times of uncertainty, adapting to this new normal working model is key to any business success.   However, this transition brings three most common challenges that companies face: attracting, hiring […]


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